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Monday, 8 February 2010

CFDA Design unique iconic little black dress.

Katzme to spend loads of time ogling clothing-Shoes-accessories of real-life people we see in street style blogs.People watching ! Fashion Style.
But its also great to do window shopping , but after seeing Lady Gaga Barbies D.I.Y by Veik11, Fashion Dolls Couture by Andrew Yang, and now, Barbies customized by the talented Designers of CFDA . Its time to go Doll Watching
Lady Gaga "Miss Kitty" Barbie with her Kitty Bow
From the talented Designers of the CFDA we have the perfect little Black dress on the Basic Barbie.
Katzme the designer Barbies, they’re super fabuloustic! 
They are not just a toy but a Fashion Icon,With added hot accessories from hot pink shoes to a feathered purse.
Barbie Designed by Kate Spade
Barbie Basics in her little Black Dress Designed by Isaac Mizrahi

Its time for Katzme to add pictures of all of our plastic friends and Rag Dolls to our inspiration folder.
Barbie Basics designed by Tory Burch
To celebrate its newest Barbie Basics doll, which comes with a simple LBD and accessories kits, Mattel has invited some of the industry's finest, including Isaac Mizrahi, Rachel Roy, Tory Burch, Subversive's Justin Giunta, and Monica Botkier to customize their own Barbies.These have been auctioned off on eBay with all the proceeds going towards CFDA initiatives and scholarships. 
Designed by Betsey Johnson
The Barbie Basics are glammed up by CFDA designers and Accessories Designers Alexis Bittar, Justin Guinta and Tory Burch, here’s a peek at all 12 Mattel recently introduced a Barbie Basics doll wearing the iconic little black dress, the dolls can be customized to represent your own personal style with the ultra-chic accessory packs, including shoes, scarfs, jewelry and much more! Whether you prefer glam or urban, bling or girly, these accessories inspire creativity and reinvent Barbie in Fashion.
Katzme the Justin Giunta we love bling !
His creation for Barbie showcases a timeless black dress with clean lines, accessorized with a contemporary necklace. With ropes of decadent pearls, metal chains and glitzy floraln Gold and silver.Super Bling! 
Justin Giunta
and Katzme ♥  Tory Birch
Which Barbie is your favorite?
Stay tuned for Katzme ♥  if you can ..
" Christian Louboutin for Barbie Collection "

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