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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Kindred Sole soul mate to shoes and Fashion

Katzme   Shoes !
We found a beautiful shoe paradise .
Its a Candy store of Flat shoes, low heels, boots and even vintage shoes by Manola Blahnik and Charles Jourdan just to mention a few.
You can find them all at Kindred Sole. You can browse through some of our choices at your leisure.

 Kindred Sole

This is a basic court shoe from United Nude with High Heels in Vivid "Fluo" red.The shoe design is with black block heels. Something every girl should have. You can find these delectable Heels on Kindred Sole web site in the "Polite Eccentrics" section
Katzme Vintage !
Vintage Red Leather Platform Heels by Charles Jourdan in a size 5 are truly couture inspired. The deep red leather makes them sultry and sexy. The platform heel makes them Party Perfect Platforms!
 It will be the beautiful match for my little black Hervé Léger's bandage dress which is the definitive party look of the new season. Added with my pop of color Charles Jourdan shoes.What a kindred pair. To finish the look off with a loose-fitted blazer.

Katzme the Vintage Manolo Blahnik Heels in Size 4.5. Dusky pink Satin with a beautiful diamante encrusted broach. Edwardian style slippers for that very special occasion. These shoes are so Sarah Jessica Parker.They are so in my size........and I have the perfect outfit to match.

This etailer company was founded by two graduates from De Montfort University’s fashion retail buying degree course.They joined forces to launch an etailer Brand called 
Here are some extracts from the interview that I had with these two very talented Ladies Lizze Leary and Beth Widdowson.
Katzme asked Lizze and Beth "can you tell me when you first thought of the idea to sell shoes on the internet ? "

" Lizze and I first met at De Montfort University when we were studying Fashion Retail Buying in 2006. We both knew we wanted our own business and after seeing some amazing footwear designer's work we knew there was a gap in the market. Rather than a stand alone store that would be limited by its geographical location we wanted to create a shoe haven that was 24/7 for women around the world. " 
Katzme could not agree more- they are certainly creating a special Shoe Haven for all of us to visit.
Alexa Cut outs Available on "Polite Eccentrics"
Alexa Cut Out
" We began researching ideas for Kindred Sole during our studies at university. We were excited to launch Kindred Sole in October 2009 after two years of researching the industry, the products, the designers and our customers"
" The recession heavily influenced our decision to go in to business as this was the worst year for UK graduates to enter the work place after graduation. After seeing so many fantastic designs by up and coming designer's we wanted to offer fashion conscious women a better alternative to the high street who were playing it safe due to the financial climate."
Helix Hi Black Boot

Helix Elasticated Wrap Boot by United Nude Patent Leather Cross Over Design 

Katzme went onto ask these two Fabuloustic girl's .
"What influences your buying decisions ?

" Lizze and I both have a very unique sense of style and we believe that you should wear your clothes and not the other way around. This heavily influences our buying decisions as we feel style overcomes fashion in some areas. We are inspired by art, music, film, cities and classical designers."

" Both our backgrounds are in fashion design however at this point we are not involved in the shoe design but are beginning exciting new projects with the end intention of creating Kindred Sole's own label. "

This etailing company has a great future and even more to share with us.See what they say about their future plans.
" We see Kindred Sole developing as a brand and as we are currently only supplying women with key footwear looks we would like to extend this service to menswear. In addition to this we are planning on extending Kindred Sole into complimentary accessories and fashion items to make Kindred Sole a one stop fashion shop."
Katzme asked What are your tips and choices of shoes for SS 2010
" Our current key looks for this season are Block heels, Block colour and varying textures. The collection is going to expand into platform sandals, wedges and bejewelled sandals - our customer's can decide if they will team these key looks with statement socks! We listen to our customers and this is what they have been asking for. We believe Kindred Sole is our customer's company and we would like to thank everyone for their support." 
      Well you have certainly made the perfect kindred sole match with your perfect choices of shoes with today's Fashion.Thank you for the great Interview and Katzme looks forward to talking to you again.
Hope you enjoyed.
Kindred Sole has very kindly offered a 20% discount on all styles in the Polite Eccentrics collection.The discount is available until 17 February.
The discount code is :
Stay tuned for Katzme if you can....
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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Barbie By Christian Louboutin

Katzme   Louboutin shoes and the beautifully designed Barbie

The first of the three limited edition Christian Louboutin Barbie is for sale on Net-a-Porter
First up is the super chic Cat Burglar Barbie she's rockin’  in an all black catsuit and tres chic sandals, she also comes with a collection of 4 red-soled Louboutins, each with their own shoe box and bag.
Fabuloustic! Katzme   


This Barbie is definitely a collector’s item and also a great gift for fashion lovers.
Katzme   the boots

From Head to toe the famous Shoe Designer fitted Barbie in some unforgettable themes
The first is the jewel thief-themed Barbie.
image courtesy of mattel inc.
Take a look at the safari-themed Barbie

image courtesy of mattel inc.
Title Dovima with Elephants, Evening Dress by Dior, Cirque d'Hiver, Paris, France
Photographed By Richard Avedon

A great Photographer friend of ours Jim Jatcko pointed out that the safari-themed Barbie was reminiscent of the classic Avedon/Dovima images..Katzme agrees ! How about you ?
Louboutin designed a Barbie that goes to the Cannes Film Festival. 

What's even more Fabuloustic is Christian Louboutin will also star in a photo diary with Barbie, titled "My Year in Paris With Christian Louboutin"  which comes with the jewel thief Barbie 
Fun pictures.
Katzme the Barbie dolls!

Many Thanks to Christian Louboutin and Mattel inc. Stay tuned for my next article  Katzme if you can... Shoes  

Monday, 8 February 2010

CFDA Design unique iconic little black dress.

Katzme to spend loads of time ogling clothing-Shoes-accessories of real-life people we see in street style blogs.People watching ! Fashion Style.
But its also great to do window shopping , but after seeing Lady Gaga Barbies D.I.Y by Veik11, Fashion Dolls Couture by Andrew Yang, and now, Barbies customized by the talented Designers of CFDA . Its time to go Doll Watching
Lady Gaga "Miss Kitty" Barbie with her Kitty Bow
From the talented Designers of the CFDA we have the perfect little Black dress on the Basic Barbie.
Katzme the designer Barbies, they’re super fabuloustic! 
They are not just a toy but a Fashion Icon,With added hot accessories from hot pink shoes to a feathered purse.
Barbie Designed by Kate Spade
Barbie Basics in her little Black Dress Designed by Isaac Mizrahi

Its time for Katzme to add pictures of all of our plastic friends and Rag Dolls to our inspiration folder.
Barbie Basics designed by Tory Burch
To celebrate its newest Barbie Basics doll, which comes with a simple LBD and accessories kits, Mattel has invited some of the industry's finest, including Isaac Mizrahi, Rachel Roy, Tory Burch, Subversive's Justin Giunta, and Monica Botkier to customize their own Barbies.These have been auctioned off on eBay with all the proceeds going towards CFDA initiatives and scholarships. 
Designed by Betsey Johnson
The Barbie Basics are glammed up by CFDA designers and Accessories Designers Alexis Bittar, Justin Guinta and Tory Burch, here’s a peek at all 12 Mattel recently introduced a Barbie Basics doll wearing the iconic little black dress, the dolls can be customized to represent your own personal style with the ultra-chic accessory packs, including shoes, scarfs, jewelry and much more! Whether you prefer glam or urban, bling or girly, these accessories inspire creativity and reinvent Barbie in Fashion.
Katzme the Justin Giunta we love bling !
His creation for Barbie showcases a timeless black dress with clean lines, accessorized with a contemporary necklace. With ropes of decadent pearls, metal chains and glitzy floraln Gold and silver.Super Bling! 
Justin Giunta
and Katzme ♥  Tory Birch
Which Barbie is your favorite?
Stay tuned for Katzme ♥  if you can ..
" Christian Louboutin for Barbie Collection "

Lady Gaga and Barbie Couture

Barbies were in every little girl's room but in the past her fashion sense was way behind the times and to be honest a little boring.But now she hits the fashion scene with a totally new look
Katzme ♥  these creations
Now we have the new Lady Gaga by Veik11 who started to create these very fashionable dolls in 2008 . These unofficial,customized "Lady Gaga Barbie Dolls" were created by Veik11 a 29 yr old Beijing whose love for dolls started from the age of 10.Its really fabulous he captures every Gaga iconic Look.
Look at the amazing recreated Alexander McQueen lobster claw shoes and all  her changing hairstyles .Mattel should stand up and notice this unique collection of D.I.Y they might learn something

You might be too old for a Barbie but never for a Lady Gaga. So check out Veik11 and get his D.I,Y tips to make your very own Lady Gaga. In next issue Barbie glammed up by CFDA designers and Lady Gaga "Hello Kitty "
 Stay tuned to Katzme   if you can........

Monday, 1 February 2010

Fashion Doll Mania Wearing Your Favorite Designers Outfits

Katzme ♥  these beautiful Couture Dolls
I hope you agree this is worth reading about.    
The very Talented  Young Artist Andrew Yang, has been making these beautiful dolls for more than a year now. The Kouklitas are a line of 27” fashion rag dolls conceived by New York City based artist and illustrator Andrew Yang. The name originates from the Greek word for doll, koukla.  Each doll is cut from a pattern, sewn into muslin, and meticulously stuffed and attached by hand. The faces are all hand painted, and the dresses are created using luxurious fabrics and couture sewing methods. After a doll is completed, she is named and given a story.
        He recently started to focus on the Fashion world and started to make a whole range of Super Model Dolls. They are dressed in miniature versions of spring 2010 looks .  
          The Block commissioned artist Andrew Yang to re-create some of Katzme favourite looks from the runway . Lanvin, Marc Jacobs, Rick Owens, and Ann Demeulemeester.Just to mention a few.
Many thanks
Images : Dan Forbes 
Doll Maker : Andrew Yang 
Concept : James Worthington DeMolet Prop Stylist :Thom Driver 
You can find Andrew Yang at
Do you think these Couture Dolls over shadow Barbie ?.. See My next installment of Barbie the Fashion Icon......