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Sunday, 9 November 2014

Remembering Oscar De la Renta

  ''Born in the Dominican Republic, he traveled to Madrid to study painting at the Academy of San Fernando when he was just 18. His introduction to fashion began there, after he was enlisted by Cristóbal Balenciaga to sketch for him. He then went to Paris, where he worked at Lanvin, before moving to New York in the early Sixties and setting up his own label.
De la Renta's feminine aesthetic - borrowing sexiness from his Latin heritage and tempering it with a demure cut learned in Europe - as well as his easy, friendly demeanor quickly made him a favorite with society ladies. Tall and handsome, he became not only the go-to designer but also a favorite plus one for famous women - from models and actresses to first ladies.'' Vogue uk
Katzme♥ adores the most Iconic gowns by designer Oscar de la Renta

Fashion Icon SJP wears Oscar de la Renta at the Met Gala.The back of the dress is signed by the man himself and Katzme ♥  has fallen head over heals for this dress.

Amy Adams looks breathtaking in her light gray feathered Oscar de la Renta gown at the 2013 Academy Awards!

Cameron Diaz transform in the Gold Statue itself at the 2010 Oscars, in this Gold Oscar de la Renta gown! She looks ethereal!

Taylor Swift looks like a fine porcelain doll in this breathtaking Blush Pink Oscar de la Renta gown she wore at the 2014 Met Gala.

One of our favorite red carpet moments for Jessica Alba, who looks ravishing in this mellon hue silk trumpet gown!


     Anna Wintour shares the time spent with lifelong friend Oscar de la Renta:

'' Dinners in Paris when he was designing for Balmain would start with the two of us and end up twenty or more. He would ask the concierge to dinner rather than dine alone. There were glorious times in Punta Cana, always dancing, always singing, taking the kids out to swim with the dolphins when they were little, always happy to include ten more people for dinner, always the phone call to say thank you and to gossip, so thrilled to make Amal’s dress. He was determined to come to [my son] Charlies wedding, but was sent by his assistant to the wrong airport. Yet he turned up with a smile and kiss at the last minute to put the veil on Elizabeth and send her down the aisle in the dress of her dreams. Every girl’s dream.'' 

But how can any of us forget the last wedding dress our favorite designer made. Amal Alamoudin left us wondering what we should envy her most for? Marrying Hollywood star and sworn bachelor George Clouney or wearing a custom designed dreamy Oscar de la Renta wedding dress? The dress is an exquisite mille-feuille of ivory tulle appliquéd with fourteen yards of Chantilly lace, its bodice hand embroidered with beading and crystals.

The 2015 ready to wear collection has us all wanting to register to the nearest tennis club!

 The amazing designer will continue to live trough his creations and he will be honored daily by women all over the world.  
To the beautiful women out there have fun and mix and match!
Enjoy fashion!

Monday, 23 July 2012

Egyptian :Topshop Unique Spring/Summer 2012

Katzme ♥ adores the Egyptian influences.......

The Topshop Unique show for S/S 2012 debuted  its new collection at London Fashion Week in September. The show with Egyptian hieroglyphics layered onto nineties street wear such as baseball caps and visors.

Katzme ♥ adores
The Eye catching Egyptian motifs ranging from coiled cobras, suns and stars, the eye of Horus and hieroglyphic text was an aesthetically innovative theme to include in the collection.
The design team revealed that the use of hieroglyphics was a reference to the influence of artist Keith Harring and his childlike form of graffiti.

Motifs were daubed across over-sized hooded tops, dresses in rough textured cotton in gold and black contrasting prints were paraded on the runway, swimwear, trench coats, black leather jackets and panelled dresses ; provided fashion eye candy for spectators. The collection did not skimp on the colour either with black and white outfits often being punctuated by a shot of turquoise or a glimmer of gold sheer fabric.

 The Egyptian influence was combined with nineties street wear and make up to bring the look into the 21st Century.

The Topshop Unique design team derived their influences from Elizabeth Taylor’s portrayal of Cleopatra which explains the gold and bold print detail.

 Katzme ♥ adores

 Katzme ♥ adores the influence of Elizabeth Taylor from the old movie Cleopatra

Richard Burton, Rex Harrison and Elizabeth Taylor star in one of the greatest screen spectacles ever made - the story of the Queen of the Nile and her love affairs with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. The film is distinguished by superb performances from Burton and Harrison (nominated for an Oscar), but at its center is Elizabeth Taylor in one of the most glamorous roles of her career. Astounding in scope and grandeur, the picture won Oscars for cinematography, sets and special effects. It's famous moments include moviedom's most flamboyant entrance - Cleopatra's dazzling arrival in Rome. 
Bolstered by a talented supporting cast and utterly stunning backdrops, here is a truly epic portrayal of the woman who conquered two of Rome's greatest soldiers, affected the course of history, and became synonymous with beguiling beauty -
 Cleopatra that  Katzme ♥ adores the opulence and how it effected the collection of Top Shop

This 1963 extravaganza, directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz, is certainly an epic historical drama with all the elements: elaborate sets, intricate costuming

Katzme ♥ adores........You can see the influences of the opulence- Gold

Katzme    adores Keith Harring style hieroglyphics 
His quite childlike style of graffiti is really something that sums up that era.They combined the childlike graffiti  with the classic Egyptian text. The real black and white element from Harring produced some fantastic black and white outfits.

Glamazons, you know how much Katzme  adores Elizabeth Taylor, so of course we love this gorgeous sweater! And who better to rock it than our contemporary fashion darling, Rihanna?

Katzme    adores how these Designers have been inspired.
How about you ?
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Thursday, 29 April 2010

"Metropolis" inspires Fashion

Katzme adores how the Fantasy worlds of fiction are influencing fashion. 
Katzme will introduce you to a Great New Designer that has been influenced by this Film Ada Zanditon and to Karl Lagerfeld's German Vogue Shoot in February.

Metropolis is a 1927 German expressionist film .Directed by Fritz Lang. Produced in Germany “Metropolis” set in a futuristic urban dystopia. Its use of the science fiction context to explore a political theme of the day of social crisis between workers and owners . It was the most expensive silent film ever made. Did you know it inspired C-3PO in Star Wars? and gave Superman's home its name. It's a black and white silent Sci-Fi film. It is considered a Sci-Fi classic and a must-see for any movie aficionados.

The,"machine-human" from Metropolis was played by German actress Brigitte Helm in both her robotic and human incarnations.

It was the inspirational force behind Ada Zanditon’s new couture capsule. 
Katzme this Fantastic ethical Eco fashion Designer that we've seen over the last few seasons.
Ada Zanditon is without a doubt the stand out talent in terms of creativity and concepts and someone to keep a keen eye on for the future.

Ada made her catwalk debut to an international audience at London Fashion Week in 09 Fashion Scout’s “Ones to Watch” show (featured on
Ada interned with Alexander McQueen before going on to study at the London College of Fashion' Ada also interned for Jonathan Saunders.
Once graduated, Ada worked on various freelance projects including: the Centre for Sustainable Fashion’s first Shared Talent Project in South Africa and creating product for Oxfam’s first boutique. She then went on to set up her own company in early 2008 after working for Gareth Pugh.
Since establishing the company, Ada Zanditon has created the visionary album and tour wardrobe for Patrick Wolf along with commissions for Bishi, Robots in Disguise and Stephanie O’Brien of the Puppini Sisters.Notably, Ada has been placed in The Observer’s top 50 of the Courvoisier future 500’s latest intake.
In late 2009 Ada was selected for the Estethica eco fashion mentoring program by the British Fashion Council. 
     As you know Katzme these imaginary worlds and how they inspire our Designers so Ada hasn’t disappointed us by show casing her capsule couture.

 Photographer:Masashi Sugiyama
Each season this very talented designer has chosen a stunning environmental theme and then goes onto build an incredibly beautiful collection around it. She has now used the inspirational force of the "Metropolis" to produce these creative and innovated designs.

 Photographer:Masashi Sugiyama
When talking to Ada about this she said
"In the film there is a kind of love story between Freder and Maria - (characters in Metropolis) –“ 
You can see this beautiful world portrayed by her good friends Marie and Joe.
Ada remarked that "The characters Maria and Freder come from socially opposed backgrounds and manage to overcome inequality and exploitation to unite Metropolis, they are part of a constructive narrative about an industrialised society. They are the heart, the humanity of the film. I think its about encapsulating passion and humanity in an ultra modern technology centric society!  "

One of the things that Katzme really was when Ada said " I chose Marie and Joe to be the models for this collection because they are incredible performers and have an amazing dynamic energy and raw creativity together and individually. That is the best of what a human element can be in any equation for me. "

                 Many thanks to JOSEPH HEFFERNAN and MARIE KARLBERG
Photographer:Masashi Sugiyama
This fantastic couture capsule was shot outside & inside their own Metropolis. Ada chose “The Met Bar” at the Metropolitan Hotel in Green Park. 

Creative and innovated visual displays can be seen in the shop window using Ada’s Dresses which are made using all recycled and end of line fabrics.Check out the beautiful window displays at Machine A.

Available from Machine A. at 60 Berwick Street Soho, London, W1F 8SU 
The images in the windows were shot by Masashi Sugiyama

Ada reflectively said ":..... Ultimately I love the film because it's a story of boundries being broken, change and revolution in the way that the city and in the way that it's society functions.... "
Katzme asked: Can you tell me what was the inspirational force behind your couture capsule and how "Metropolis" effected you.

       "I think that Metropolis is an exceptional film and the big effect it had on me when I watched it"  shortly after her returning to London from Paris Fashion Week. "It  was the context of humanity within modernity. What fuels life?  What sustains the system we have created? I think that  was what inspired me.... that this story still feels very relevant.  The boundaries between human/machine,(technology/nature, industry/sustainability) love and logic, the contrast is increasingly thrown into sharp relief by the complexity of the world we live in and so the pieces reflect the cusp of where all these ideas meet in order to create pieces that express the place where those boundaries are transcended."

Katzme went on to ask Ada: The film Metropolis has some fantastic features and set designs that have a visual impact.what do you feel influenced your fantasy world from the movie ?.
Was it the German Expressionism or the architecture based on contemporary Modernism and Art Deco  ?

"I enjoy all those elements to the film but the aesthetic I particularly love that encapsulates it for me is Raygun Gothic, an aesthetic that draws all those influences. It is interesting to see how pivotal these movements have been in our collective conscious of how people aesthetically project ideas of what the future will be and what  is futuristic. It is actually a kind of retro futuristic aesthetic. "
She has applied this to her designs so go and see these geometric retro futuristic designs and enjoy!!! Machine A "here we come...."

We would like to thank Ada for such a lovely interview.We had a great time.Hope you find it as interesting as we did......

Katzme hearts these Fabuloustic photographs
"Metropolis"  also inspired another great Fashion Designer to do an unbelievable photo shoot.
Karl Lagerfeld the photographer.

Photography courtesy of German Vogue
This is from the fashion spread of the February 2010 issue of Vogue Germany featuring German model Toni Garrn and French model Baptiste Giabicon.
Check out the movie to see how these two Designers were inspired.

Katzme   adores how these Designers have been inspired.
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